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I’m doing a giveaway to get views on my blog. Tell your friends to visit my blog and to post on this topic who they were invited by. The person that gets the most people to visit daily wins!!! The … Continue reading

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Ugh I’m stuck~

So we are in the car for 3 hours and heading to a family reunion. Luckily we are done and heading toward the beach for a little bit since we are so close

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News From Nate~

So, the items aren’t permanent but it still doesn’t change the fact that they probably won’t be rare anymore

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Not To Bust Your Bubbles~

Unfortunately, on the new winter update for Bearville…… Letter, Sequin, and Nerdy Glasses….. Came back. I don’t think Moose did so idk. ┬áMaybe it’s safe for another year? With our luck, they’ll bring it back with the spring game.

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I’m Back!

Sorry everyone for my absence of BV, I was really busy and caught up in this other game. I’m going to start evening out my time with both so I can still have fun and play on Bearville. I will … Continue reading

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Help meh

Is there like a way you can buy vib through phone?

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Another Question xD

So does anyone know when the North Pole opens?

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