Ugh I’m stuck~

So we are in the car for 3 hours and heading to a family reunion. Luckily we are done and heading toward the beach for a little bit since we are so close

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News From Nate~

So, the items aren’t permanent but it still doesn’t change the fact that they probably won’t be rare anymore :/

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Not To Bust Your Bubbles~

Unfortunately, on the new winter update for Bearville…… Letter, Sequin, and Nerdy Glasses….. Came back. I don’t think Moose did so idk. ┬áMaybe it’s safe for another year? With our luck, they’ll bring it back with the spring game.

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I’m Back!

Sorry everyone for my absence of BV, I was really busy and caught up in this other game. I’m going to start evening out my time with both so I can still have fun and play on Bearville. I will definitely be on BV during the Thanksgiving Break and tomorrow night, I believe? I hope to see all my friends soon and catch back up. Goodnight~

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Help meh

Is there like a way you can buy vib through phone?

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Another Question xD

So does anyone know when the North Pole opens?

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So is like CordeliaSinger 7 CordPurple? I’m just wodnering considering the names are so close together.

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