Hey everyone, most of you might not see this because it seems like I’m dead on this blog but i’m finally back. I kinda got a little lazy and I got busy too. I’m trying my best to post recent for you guys again and hopefully I can even though my basketball and baseball seasons or starting real soon. Have a happy hopeful healthy day enthusiastic people!

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Hello everyone! I really need your help! I’m looking for responsible, friendly people who think they can handle my new forum called Bearville Letter! If you wish to help me run it, e-mail be telling me why do would be a good person to work with on this forum. It doesn’t have to be long and I would me glad to read it! 🙂

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Good Day~

It’s been a good day, I’d say. I traded two buffalo hats for a rare color of orange moose and a blue buffalo hat!

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Ask Me Questions!

Hey everyone! Do you have any questions to ask me? Go to my page on to ask me anything you’d like!

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Secret Santa!

Everyone! This is an amazing way to give and get through Bearville! Go vist Bearville Rainy Day’s Secret Santa event to get involved with some Christmas Spirit and fun!

~You might need to create an account first but don’t worry! It’s free and easy!

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Buffalo Hats!

I got two Buffalo Hats from Blue in a fairly decent deal! Does anyone want to offer on one?

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I’m doing a giveaway to get views on my blog. Tell your friends to visit my blog and to post on this topic who they were invited by. The person that gets the most people to visit daily wins!!! The prize is a secret!

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